Kraft Sacks

White Paper

As our white paper grades are the brightest in the Advantage portfolio, they are in great demand from a huge variety of industries, ranging from food products to building materials. Optimal printability enables our customers to grab attention while offering the right packaging characteristics for the end-user.

Brown paper

In order to give our brown paper grades the best possible strength properties, they are made out of virgin fibre from slow-growing pine and spruce. With efficient converting in mind, our paper is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, such as sacks for cement & building materials, food and animal feed.


Product specifications:
Grammage: 90 – 120 gr/m2
Tube length 540-1080 mm
Tube width 360 -620 mm
Paste bottom width 90-180 mm
Layers 5 layer one of which can be made of polyethylene
Printing 4-colored print
Sack type open mouth sacks close (possible with valves) mouth sacks
Trim width: Reel diameter
Reel width: Core diameter:
Reel diameter: 

Open Mouth Bags (OMB)


Open mouth bags are closed on one side of the tube, either by sewing or by glueing. The high quality materials and types of construction offered provide a longer shelf life for your products. Re-opening devices can be applied, so that the product remains protected for a longer period by the end user. A choice of bleached or unbleached paper is available, with grammage ranging from 60gsm to 130gsm. Design facilities and printing with up to 5 colours can be provided, including process printing.
* Optimal palletisation
* Self-supporting for display
* Reliable hygienic closure techniques
* Meets various filling prerequisites
OMB sacks are predominantly used in flour and sugar industry. However, they can be used for packing other materials as well.
Closed sacks
A closed bag designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers (e.g. gravity packer, impeller packer, air packer, screw packer or grooved belt packer). Valve bags deliver top performance wherever high-speed filling processes are used. Filling performance and protection properties can be fine-tuned according to the customer’s needs.
These sacks are generally used in flour and sugar industry, but they are also an alternative to construction material packing. In compliance with the usage conditions and client's needs, these sacks can be produced with special valve types.
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