What Makes Paper Bags Sustainable?
  • Made from tree (paper) and corn (glue) which are both re-planted and re-grown.
  • Using paper products helps to keep land forested that might otherwise be developed or used for other non-sustainable purposes.
  • Forestland is steadily increasing in the world. There are more trees now than there were 50 years ago.
  • A typical acre of young, healthy trees will capture 5,880 pounds of carbon dioxide (a primary greenhouse gas) each year.
  • Trees provide the raw material and more than 65% of the energy needed to create paper.
  • Using certified paper bags is your assurance that you are contributing to the sustainability, protecting wildlife habitat, and protecting endangered forests. Look for certification from a third party source, such as SFI or FSC.

  • If a paper bag doe’s end up as litter on land, in a stream, or in the ocean, that bag will decompose and pose no threat to wildlife and the environment.
  • Paper bags are ideal as a container to hold compostable waste.
  • Composting household waste is the vision for the future - with the potential to eliminate more than two-thirds of residential waste going to landfills.
  • Recycling is an important part of fostering a sustainable planet.
  • Over half of all paper in the world is recovered for recycling.
  • The balance of renewable fiber from trees and recovered fiber is a global equation. Some continents must rely more upon recycled fiber and some must provide the renewable virgin
  • fiber to keep the cycle going.
  • Using only 100% recycled paper is not a sustainable practice. If people only used 100% recycled paper, the world would not run out of fiber in under two months.
  • Paper bags are reusable for future visits to your grocery store.
  • Paper bags have many other uses outside of the grocery store including:
  • Recycling and composting containers - that way the container is recyclable and compostable
  • School book covers, gift wrap, and other craft projects
  • Picnics/Sporting events
  • When a paper bag becomes soiled or worn out, it is ready for recycling or composting, continuing the cycle of sustainability.
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